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This is me returning to the Let’s Quip web show and talking about “We Bombed On A Train” as well as generally embarrassing myself, per usual!

This is the trailer for We Bombed On A Train: A Stand Up Comedy Documentary. I’m so excited for it to finally drop!

This is a bit I do about taking my little brother to see Wolf Of Wall Street. I posted it online yesterday at 11am, and it already has OVER TEN THOUSAND VIEWS. By far the most any of my videos have been watched. Holy hell.

This is my appearance on Let’s Quip! last week with Sean Baptiste. We have a fun time and I make a couple of really cool announcements. Also I trademark the term “CAT-theter”

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This is me doing ten minute at The Comedy Studio with a sore throat and a failing voice and still having a good set. Take that, bacteria in my esophagus!

This is my episode of Tommy Sunshine’s world famous podcast. In this hour of conversation, I tell Tommy a funny story about my only time ever visiting Foxwoods and we get to the bottom of why I’m such a douchebag and at the very end I make my friend Jeff do a stand up set while I watch and judge as his sole audience member. What a d-bag, right?

This is me quickly shutting down a heckler during a set in New Hampshire.

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This is me doing 27 minutes of comedy, by far my longest set of all time. It isn’t perfect, and especially in the first half I purposely tried to go off-script and fuck around, but I’m proud that I held a room’s attention that long and for my first time ever doing a half hour of comedy I felt pretty amazing afterward. I got a taste of doing a long set and it’s a hunger that will keep me working toward the ultimate goal of wasting an audience’s time for an hour plus. I’m proud of myself and happy that Sophia Cacciola and Michael J Epstein took a chance and let me do it. That could have easily blown up in their faces.

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Hey Ogunquit, I’m opening for George Hamm in less than two weeks. Come on out!

Hey Ogunquit, I’m opening for George Hamm in less than two weeks. Come on out!