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"Gold Chain" by Black Light Dinner Party.

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Everybody please listen to this and follow my brother Matthew’s music Tumblr!


The Current, performed by Matthew Otto and Zach Breslin. Copyright 2011 

How sad it is to know I’m in control.

— Conor Oberst

"Alone In Vegas" by Pusha T.

Matthew Otto performing “Chemical Disposition”… Prepare to be turned on.

"Home" by Mumford & Sons.

A brand new song. I’m jizzing.

Hope: did you listen to that link i sent you from the stalker  

JPD: oh god the music on that link was awful


JPD: technically i think he counts as a rapist if he’s sent you that shit

Hope: i didnt listen to it i wanted you to first

JPD: i’ve gotten pictures of girls’ dicks that have been more welcome than what i heard on that link.

Hope: i love you intensely  

JPD: i think i’m sterile now from listening. what race is he? because they need to fucking go, if he’s white i’m committing suicide RIGHT NOW

If no one hates you, you’re not doing it right.

Bob Lefsetz, talking about Kanye West