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  • Interviewer: If you and Andy Richter were thrown into an arena with two knives, and only one of you guys could leave, who’d walk away?
  • Hannibal Buress: I would, man. I have a great will to live. I’m faster than him. I’m agile, I got a quick first step, and I’d get to my knife real quick. I’d get to my knife before we realized that it was that type of scenario. When it was at the point where it wasn’t even a fight yet, we were just hanging out – I’d murder him before that.
  • Interviewer: So basically, any time you and Andy Richter are in a room, and there’s a knife, he should keep an eye out?
  • Hannibal Buress: I mean, I’m just saying. Life is life, man, and I’ve got kids to feed. They can’t see their dad dead early. You know?
  • Interviewer: Yeah.
  • Hannibal Buress: I don’t have any kids.

Last night my girlfriend and I watched Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop and laughed our asses off. It was a well-done, thoroughly funny documentary, and you get a portrait of Conan during a major change in his life that he has some trouble coping with. Very interesting and enlightening for the die-hard fans.

Here’s a video of Conan during a Q&A last Saturday night, talking to some dude’s girlfriend on the phone onstage. 

Kyle Kinane’s set from Conan last night. It goes without saying, but this man is my hero.

This interview is so incredible.


Conan O’Brien on WTF Podcast

Be cool my babies.

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TJ Miller kills it on Conan.


this is my favorite stand0-up in the history of every ohnytmgod i am crying i can’t stop laughign asjflkshdgoisgherghjerho

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Tim Minchin performs “Inflatable You” on Conan.

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