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If no one hates you, you’re not doing it right.

Bob Lefsetz, talking about Kanye West

Ray Harrington’s Comedian Rulebook Part 2

Ray Harrington is a comic from Maine who recently posted a whole list of rules comedians should follow on a stand up comedy group on Facebook. Here’s the first ten rules. Now here’s 11-23:

11. Slaying a heckler is fun, but learning that it’s something to RARELY do is vital. There are more and more youtube clips of someone shitting on a ‘heckler’ when it never had to happen. A heckler is often times just having a great time and doesn’t understand it’s not exactly interactive. Having a reputation of destroying a heckler is another way of saying you have a reputation for shitting on a paying audience member.

‎12. When you show up to a new club, be humble. So many comics walk in like they own the joint and a booker has already decided they won’t be asked back before they even hit the stage.

13. Being ‘Banned’ from a club is another way of saying that you can’t read a room or a venue.

14. Dirty doesn’t equal funny. But being clean doesn’t mean being better. Material should be funny, no matter the subject matter.

‎15. Driving 7 hours to an unpaid showcase is hard work, but it isn’t something to bitch about. If it serves you well, do it. It’s all about what you’re willing to do for comedy and you won’t do it, there are a hundred less funny comics that will do it in a heartbeat.

‎16. That said, don’t let yourself be used… too much.

 17. Getting paid shouldn’t be the goal.

18. Working for free will fuck over more comics in the long run. Unless it’s a valid reason to do a free show, your work is valuable.

‎19. NEVER undercut another comic. If you want to book a room, do a show, etc. Do it. But if another comic has that venue or area, it’s not yours to do for half the money.

‎20. Comedy is valued by the market. Shows pay a going rate that’s comparative. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less. But the more shows that happen for less money means the market is driven down.

‎21. Never be afraid to go for something you’re not sure you’re ready for. But know when something is above your station. You may not be ready now, but you will be eventually. What’s this mean? If you’re doing 15 of A material, don’t be afraid to take an offer of 20. DON’T take a feature spot if deep down, you know you can’t bring A material to fill the time.

22. KNOW HOW MUCH TIME YOU CAN DO. That doesn’t mean, “I can do 45 minutes” when that’s all of your jokes and slowed down. It means you have at least an hour of A material.

23. How much time can you do? Simple formula: A material time - 1/3. If you have 45 of A material, you can comfortably do 30.

This is my new mofo-ing business card. Can’t wait to get it in the mail.

This is my new mofo-ing business card. Can’t wait to get it in the mail.

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